About Us

Imagine a hi-tech company trying to describe what they do, when their applications can’t be fully disclosed to the public.

This is the problem that Fluxtrol Inc. has been faced with every day for the last 40-years.

Sure, engineers and scientists can figure out the value and innovation of Fluxtrol proprietary magnetic materials, but try explaining that to a broader, non-technical audience, who could really benefit from their “Soft Magnetic Composites” for magnetic flux control in induction systems.

“Soft Magnetic Composites”, that sounds fairly complex,…and it is!

So their biggest challenge was how to explain what they do in an accessible, entertaining way for non-technical people, while still demonstrating their expertise and acumen to hardcore, tech-savvy professionals.

Enter the era of Fluxtrol Man…

Out of the creative mind of Stephen Sadler, and Fluxtrol owner, Bob Ruffini, a team of writers and artists was assembled to take on this herculean task. Sadler enlisted the talents of award-winning fantasy writer Josef Bastian and Marvel artist, Patrick McEvoy, along with a slew of subject matter experts to lead the charge of creating a superhero who emulated the spirit and overall capabilities of Fluxtrol.

An initial ideation session led to many late nights of work, drafting the first six episodes of Fluxtrol Man comics, revealing the back story, and developing the ongoing adventures of this new superhero.

The final version goes something like this:

In the beginning... Hailing from the planet Fluxtrol, Fluxtrol Man came to Earth in 1981 to help all of humankind find a better way to adapt, innovate and grow into the 21st century. With his electro-magnetic induction powers and soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials, Fluxtrol Man battles the forces of evil across the globe, encouraging innovation and safety wherever he goes!

With Fluxtrol Man as the company’s new spokesperson, they were able to communicate and share some very complex product information in an engaging, compelling, and meaningful way. Through the use of transmedia technologies, the Folktellers Studios team crafted content that could be used across multiple platforms in an “evergreen” environment that would never become old or obsolete.

“The results, accolades, and reception of Fluxtrol Man are very impressive, and he has provided a brand ambassador and digital platform that professionally represent and explain our products and services. This unique method of knowledge sharing could easily be used with STEAM,” said Robert T Ruffini, President of Fluxtrol Inc. and Co-creator of Fluxtrol Man.

“This comic book method of edutainment is the best way to tell complex stories. It has drastically increased brand engagement, website traffic, and overall digital footprint. I’m so excited to see where Fluxtrol Man will go next! Maybe a bigger screen, we all hope so!” said Stephen Sadler – Co-Founder Folktellers Studios and Co-Creator of Fluxtrol Man.

Just goes to show you what a great story, told with purpose, can do…