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Fluxtrol Releases New Immersive Educational Animated Series
“Fluxtrol Man Makes Screen Debut as Comic Super Hero”

Metro-Detroit, November 23, 2021 /BusinessWire/ - Fluxtrol Incorporated® announced “The Adventures of Fluxtrol Man,” a new interactive animated series designed to educate and entertain audiences, while revealing Fluxtrol’s innovative line of products and services.

The Adventures of Fluxtrol Man tells the tale of a powerful alien, brought to earth to help all of humanity learn and grow while battling the forces of evil. As the first episode of the series explains:

“In the beginning... Hailing from the planet Fluxtrol, Fluxtrol Man came to Earth in 1981 to help all of humankind find a better way to adapt, innovate and grow into the 21st century. With his electro-magnetic induction powers and soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials, Fluxtrol Man battles the forces of evil across the globe, encouraging innovation and safety wherever he goes!”

This innovative approach to learning combines education with entertainment, blending the complex world of science and technology with the fun and adventure of classic comic books and action films.

Fluxtrol President, Robert Ruffini, noted:
“In the past, we struggled to explain the unique nature of our high-tech products and services. If you weren’t a scientist or an engineer, you’d have trouble grasping the truly revolutionary things we’re doing across the manufacturing industry. But now, with Fluxtrol Man at our side, we can share our stories with a broader audience in a way that is both entertaining and educational – This is a big win for us.”

In the first season of “The Adventures of Fluxtrol Man,” we follow our hero through many trials and tribulations while learning about soft magnetic composites, induction coil design, and even simulation & prototyping. With high-impact visuals and an incredible soundtrack, the company had turned static, technical information into exciting, monster-filled high-energy storytelling.

Producer / Director, Stephen Sadler, pointed out that:
“We knew the risks involved in taking on a complex storytelling project. All the moving parts needed to come together seamlessly. To do that, we enlisted top entertainment talent for music scoring (III Worlds Entertainment), voice-over narration (Ben Sullivan, Dave Bisson), artwork (Marvel Artist Patrick McEvoy), and writing (Folktellers Studios’ Josef Bastian), focusing on both the educational and entertainment components of the series. By bringing Fluxtrol’s scientists and engineers together with our professional artists, we were able to create something really special that everyone can enjoy.”

Comic-style animated episodes of “The Adventures of Fluxtrol Man” can be seen streaming at Fluxtrol’s new Fluxtrol Man website

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Fluxtrol, Inc. is the world leader in magnetic flux control in induction heating systems and other applications. Fluxtrol does research, develops and manufactures magnetic flux controllers using proprietary soft magnetic composites produced in both machinable and moldable varieties. The properties of these materials allow using them effectively in a wide range of applications.

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