Adventures of Fluxtrol Man

Season 1 Trailer

In the beginning... Hailing from the planet Fluxtrol, Fluxtrol Man came to Earth in 1981 to help all of humankind find a better way to adapt, innovate and grow into the 21st century. With his electro-magnetic induction powers and soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials, Fluxtrol Man battles the forces of evil across the globe, encouraging innovation and safety wherever he goes!

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Episode 1

Ep. 1: Machining - Soft Magnetic Composites

Released: Jan 1, 2021

A plant technician's military deadline is coming up quick! He's never machined hi-tech soft magnetic composite (SMC) material before and he's starting to panic. Fluxtrol Man goes into action!

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Episode 2

Ep. 2: Applications - Applying Fluxtrol SMC Materials

Released: Feb 1, 2021

An induction coil without Fluxtrol soft magnetic composite (SMC) material is being used for induction hardening a crankshaft in a production line. Pesky heat gremlins have got into the machine and are destroying the coils and stopping production. Where's Fluxtrol Man?

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Episode 3

Ep. 3: Processes - Installation Techniques of SMCs

Released: Mar 1, 2021

As a rampaging creature attacks the city with strange magnetic flux powers, a technician quickly works on Fluxtrol Man's shield made of FLUXTROL SMC materials. But will be in time!

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Episode 4

Ep. 4: Materials - Fluxtrol SMC Materials

Released: Apr 1, 2021

A giant armored monster is destroying the town and the military have tried everything to stop it. Scans show various material properties and magnetic fields coming from within the monster. What must Fluxtrol Man do, to save the city!

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Episode 5

Ep. 5: Services - Induction Coil Design

Released: May 1, 2021

Fluxtrol Man is in his lab, tinkering on a new project when his phone rings. Commissioner Ruffini quickly explains that Megatown's police force is having mechanical failures with their new crime fighting vehicles. Can Fluxtrol Man get the police back on pursuit?

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Episode 6

Ep. 6: R&D - Simulation and Prototyping

Released: Jun 1, 2021

The giant metal monster is back but he has a new coat of armor and nothing is working! Does Fluxtrol Man have enough time, to design a new weapon and defeat this beast once and for all?

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